Creditable Services


For more complete information about the various types of creditable service, look at the MTRS website at Forms to purchase service can be downloaded from the website or obtained by calling the MTRS at (617) 679-6877 in Boston or (413) 784-1711 in Springfield.

Buying Back Creditable Service

  • Use pre-tax vs. after-tax dollars from your 403 B/ 457/IRA
  • Buying back from other states
  • Buying back overseas. 
    (You must have 10 years teaching in MA to buy back from other states and overseas)

Forms of Creditable Service

  • Regular Service
  • Out-of-state public school teaching service up to 10 years
  • Substitute, temporary, part time teaching or tutoring
  • Maternity prior to January, 1975
  • Any unpaid leave of absence--1 month
  • Non-Public School Service--prior to 1973 up to 10 years
  • Military service
  • Peace Corps service
  • Work done in any state, county, municipality, as long as not while you are teaching
  • Part of a year counts